Venture Capital Group

49 VCG: Venture Capital in Istanbul

49 VCG is a venture capital firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our mission is to support and finance innovative startups and entrepreneurs in Turkey and help them grow into successful businesses.

Our Vision

We believe that Turkey has enormous potential for innovation and growth. As a venture capital firm, we aim to provide the necessary capital and resources to help talented entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses, create jobs, and ultimately contribute to the country's economic development.

At 49 VCG, our vision is to be the leading venture capital firm in Turkey, recognized for our expertise, passion, and commitment to helping startups and entrepreneurs succeed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and invest in promising startups in various sectors and stages, from pre-seed to growth, and provide them with not only financial support but also mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to our extensive network of strategic partners.

We believe in building long-term partnerships with our portfolio companies and working closely with their founders to help them overcome challenges, scale their businesses, and achieve their goals.

At 49 VCG, we are passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship, and creating value for all stakeholders. We are dedicated to being a trusted and supportive partner to the Turkish startup ecosystem and contributing to the growth and success of our partners.